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Some Ways To Reduce The Youth Suicide Rate

Suicide is becoming the main reason for youth deaths nowadays but it could be prevented by taking some small steps. The people who are having thoughts of suicide give some warning signs. It is necessary for the near ones to understand those signs. There are many ways by which suicide could be prevented like support from loved ones.

Today, there are motivational videos and suicide prevention podcasts also available online at helpkeepalife.org that one can access when feeling low. However, here are some ways to reduce the youth suicide rate:

Role of schools and colleges in suicide prevention

The youth spend most of their time in schools and colleges. So, if they are developing thoughts of suicide then it could be prevented by the effective measures and steps taken by the school personnel. The environment must be created in such a way that he can easily share his thoughts and negativities with the authorities. School and college psychologists and counselors could be a great help here.

Parents’ participation

Parents’ participation is the most important to prevent youth suicides. Due to the generation gap and mentality difference, it is often seen that youth does not have healthy relationships with parents. But it is essential for the parents to keep a check on the behavior of their children and try to make good communication with them.

The podcast and motivational videos

Today’s youth is spending most of the time online. They can invest their time in listening to motivational podcasts and watching videos. This could also help in reducing suicidal thoughts.

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